Leslie Palacios is an Editor and Creative Director with experience in fashion industry and over a decade in publishing, interested in art as a tool for tranformation and impact in the world. She was admitted to study communication in the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, followed by Chio Lecca Fashion School, and in the UAL, London College of Fashion, she specialized in International Fashion Marketing, Styling and Image Consultancy; Fashion and Sustainability, understanding luxury in a changing world.

Raised in Arequipa, Peru located in the Andean region since very child she was admired by the textile art of her country with a special interest in sustainability to achieve the balance in the world, on the other hand since very child started to dance having the opportunity to learn with recognizable dancers and choreographers of famous figures like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Priyanka Chopra, Alejandro Sanz but continued this journey acording her life showed her to do it in a singular but special way years after. She had the opportunity to participate in some film productions with some prominent figures in the industry and grammy winners too.

Her own venture in fashion stared launching her first fashion publication inspired in her textile Andean roots and dance, supporting this art and becoming the first one to create this gender in an entire publication part of the Peruvian National Library. The next year she was appointed Managing Editor of an international printed and digital fashion magazine in her country.

She was convened by the International Alpaca Association (IAA) to be part of the organization of the biggest and most important Alpaca event in the world, Alpaca Fiesta 2018 creating impact in the ceremony together with one of the most famous Royal Ballet dancers of England, connecting one more time textile culture and art.

Her passion for dance drove her to direct the first digital publication of NEW Fashion Book, inspired in her roots, linking the alpaca textile industry and art in movement. The results generated international outreach and showcased important Peruvian brands in sustainable fashion.

She is as strategic brand consultant connecting the Andean region with international luxury markets and communities and servers as a freelance writer, collaborating with some digital magazines. Her network includes famous and notables figures in art, fashion, and royals, around the world. 

Since 2019, she has formed a part of Slow Fashion World, an European agency located in Sweden, specialized in sustainable fashion becoming the first Advisor for Latin America her efforts let her connect the IAA with SFW and the next year was invited to be part of the international agency Creatives4Impact as creative consultant. 

Some personal experiences motivated her to be part of FEDER, the International Rare Diseases Organization, as part of her humanitarian interests.

At this time, she is Global Founder of From the Andes to the World (FAW), an organization that helps to promote good practices, promoting support to ethical platforms and brands to articute with projects to build a stronger system, giving importance to the cultural heritage as a sense of identity and belonging, linking our past, through the present, with our future. 

She is part of the team of the european sustainable brand Cachua founded by Fernando Montaño, Doctor of the Arts by the University of Bath connecting one more time the Andean region to the world hand by hand with recognizable experts of the fashion business and art industry of United Kingdom, Colombia, France, Germany, Qatar, Peru and Spain.

In 2021, she decided to fund the international platform From Latin America to the World (FLAW) with the purpose to discover new talents from Latin America region to give them opportunities of exposition. She currently works with Glormont Productions, a company based in London to make a new international event in november 2021 with the support of HRH, Princess Sheikha Al Thani of Qatar.

 Leslie is one of the first figures that officially has managed to vinculate the creative industries to position the new latin american design proposal to the eyes of the world!




Zodiacal signs: Aquarius, Moon: Gemini, Rising: Libra   –  A rebel and humanitarian soul with habilities in communication specially in art and creativity.